Sparrow Hill Farm
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to realize our dream of running a small farm.  Gina grew up growing food in her family’s garden.  She has been working on farms since 2008 and spent 6 prior years working for Outward Bound in the Pisgah National Forest and the Everglades.  Along the way she earned a degree in Natural Resource Conservation and a Masters in Environmental Studies with a focus in Sustainable Agriculture, and currently teaches agriculture and environmental studies at Brevard College.  Nick has worked as a logger and a fire fighter around the country.  The Cherokee National Forest is his current port of call. 

Sustainability on the Farm
Combining our knowledge of soil science and agro-ecosystems with an understanding of the natural world that comes from years of working outdoors, we are creating an operation that is deeply grounded sustainable practices.  We use ecosystems as our guide, mimicking natural processes to retain fertility.  We keep our animals healthy by providing them good nutrition and a low stress environment.  We never treat our animals with hormones and antibiotics are never used prophylactically.
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